About Adrian Wallace

Adrian Wallace is a community development professional, small business owner and minister.  In 2015, he founded and began serving as President and CEO of The Bishop and Chase Foundation, a community development corporation based in Lexington. From 2016-2018, he joined the staff at Community Ventures to assist with their statewide neighborhood level revitalization and development.

Adrian’s interest in community development grew out of his experiences working with families through inner city ministry at Broadway Christian Church and while on staff at Employment Solutions, Inc., a nonprofit helping individuals with intellectual disabilities with education and job placement.

Adrian learned that the help that people needed was bigger than what he could offer as an individual or even as one church or one organization. With his business and his community work, he seeks to build what Lexington needs: a foundation of people who transform places.

Adrian currently serves as a Community Chaplain with the Lexington Police Department, a member of the University of Kentucky's Medical Institutional Review Board, on the Board of Directors of Arbor Youth Services (Chairman of the Board), Chairman of the Board for 4Kids, Chairman of the Kentucky NAACP PAC, Co-Chair of the Alternatives to Detention sub-committee of the Fayette County Juvenile Justice Detention Alternatives Initiative Steering Committee, Chair of the Advocacy, Issues and Programs Committee for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Board and Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee of the LFUCG Mayor’s International Affairs Advisory Commission. Adrian is also a proud Kentucky Colonel and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He attended Kentucky State University in 2004, majoring in Pre-Law and later studied at Asbury University from 2012-2014, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Leadership and Ministry, upon leaving the military.


Adrian and his wife, Jennifer, have four beautiful girls and one boy. They reside in Lexington, Kentucky.

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