Lexington 2020 Vision
Civil Rights
Lexington is a beautiful and diverse city. Adrian's 2020 Vision insists that inclusion and equality are imperative to the city's health.
Criminal Justice
Adrian sits on the Steering Committee in Fayette County for the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, seeking to disrupt school to prison pipelines, one of the major civil rights issues today.
Voting Rights
Research proves re-enfranchising ex-felons cuts recidivism rates by a minimum of 10%, which could save millions of dollars a year across Kentucky, one of the worst states for restoration of rights.
Public safety and community wellness are often linked to substance abuse. Efforts within the 2020 Vision will combat the opioid epidemic.
Adrian serves as a community chaplain with the Lexington Police Department and has on numerous occasions been on scene for overdoses.The 2020 Vision seeks to support efforts to eradicate the epidemic.
Public Safety
Public safety begins with preventative and intervention services. Lexington needs a comprehensive approach to reducing crime and promoting safe, vibrant neighborhoods.
Lexington needs 2020 Vision in order to thrive in the 21st century global economy.
Lexington is an inherently attractive city, perfectly located at the intersection of Interstates 64 and 75. Relocation tax breaks to large corporations are irresponsible and hinder our growth.
Economic Development
2020 Vision: Strengthening Lexington’s public-private investment partnerships, spurring local economic growth through small business, and incorporating rural Fayette County in Lexington's prosperity.
Education is essential to the success of any community. Adrian believes that economics and education are inextricably intertwined.
College Affordability
Congress won't take action on the affordability of college but Adrian's 2020 Vision will explore partnerships with educational institutions to lessen the burden on families seeking higher education.
Adrian intends to create a strong collaborative with the Fayette County Public Schools Board of Education in order to create a comprehensive plan for youth and family support.
Adrian's 2020 Vision is a transformation of the landscape in Lexington, including sustainable energy efforts and rural Fayette inclusion.
The Lexington government alone spends 17 million dollars on utilities and rising costs hamper families across our city. The 2020 Vision plan will expand clean, sustainable energy initiatives.
One 2020 initiative will be the expansion, promotion and support of Community Supported Agriculture, particularly granting incentives to rural Fayette County farmers, spurring local economic growth.
Infrastructure is critical to the economic growth of Lexington. Fiber optic broadband and infill development are 2020 Vision essentials.
Adrian's expertise is in development. He realizes the benefits of infill development, capitalizing on underutilized space, preventing urban sprawl and yielding unique funding opportunities.
Adrian will create a strong collaborative with The Kentucky Communications Network Authority to progress the development of fiber optic broadband in Lexington by 2020.
As a member of Lexington's Homelessness Prevention and Intervention Board, Adrian has helped initiate various poverty reduction efforts.
Living Wage
Past partisan politics, most people agree that if people are willing to work, they should earn a decent income. Sadly, too many struggle to even make ends meet. Adrian wants to fix that by 2020.
Impoverished people struggle to pay for their daily essentials. Through the HPI Board, Adrian has helped manage the city's Innovative Solutions Fund, assisting hundreds and preventing homelessness.